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Como se pronúncia idea

  • idéia
  • noção
  • conceito
  • concepção
  • plano
  • imaginação
  • conhecimento
  • juízo
  • fantasia
  • opinião

Exemplos de filmes

Do you have any idea what you'd have to look forward to if you stayed here?
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
It's a stupid idea. I'm so sorry. The neck again.
Peeples - The Sweat Teepee
- Why is she listening to that old man? - l have no idea.
This Means War - Surveillance Sex Talk
- Good evening, Mr. DeWitt.- I had no idea you two knew each other.
All About Eve - Fasten Your Seatbelts
No idea the people I know. I'm gonna call the mayor's office.
Straight Outta Compton - Police Harassment
Don't you see? That's the whole idea.
Revolutionary Road - Paris!
This idea that you have to resign from life
Revolutionary Road - Paris!
- I think we should call Security. - Good idea.
Elf - Buddy Meets His Dad
As your own idea just to impress some girls? Embarrass my friend?
Good Will Hunting - My Boy's Wicked Smart
Not everybody think, you know, reparations is a good idea, dog.
Barbershop - Reparations
Because returning the one was your idea,
Ice Age - Where's the Baby?
I, I don't know. I have no fucking idea who this guy is.
Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window
Or did Turner not think it was a good idea to have spies
Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window
And you have no idea how much I wish that I could go back...
Reality Bites - Troy Comes Back
So she's had sex, but not the standard idea of sex.
Chasing Amy - The Virginity Standard
I have an idea. Why don't I take your father for a test-drive ?
Scent of a Woman - Gray Ghosts
- Yeah, thanks. That's... that's a good idea. - Save the lattes.
Valentine's Day - Valentine Gifts
And I had no idea I could be this happy without accruing credit card debt.
Legally Blonde 2 - Bruiser's Pedigree
Oh, nothing. It's an idea for a sermon.
Doubt - Pagan Christmas Songs
Oh, my God. You have no idea what a huge relief that is.
Trainwreck - Sports? I Love Them
These two have no idea what they're about to walk into.
Rounders - Atlantic City Suckers
Kind of undermines the whole idea of democracy, don't you think?
Election - Apples, Oranges and Democracy
The same. But I don't say it out loud lest someone get the wrong idea.
Easy A - A Sexy George?