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Como se pronúncia press

  • pressione
  • imprensa
  • prensa
  • pressão
  • prelo
  • lagar
  • máquina de impressão
  • turba
  • tórculo
  • apertar
  • carregar em
  • prensar
  • comprimir
  • forçar
  • espremer
  • esmagar
  • urgir
  • calcar
  • oprimir
  • apertar na prensa
  • afligir
  • compelir
  • pesar sobre
  • estimular

Exemplos de filmes

Hey, do you think the press is gonna wanna talk to us?
Scary Movie - Run, Bitch, Run!
The Red Cross advises "Press edges of wound firmly together."
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
- Nobody. - Your wife, sweetheart? Press?
Dirty Harry - That's My Policy
For the past two years, I have lied to the press about our relationship to protect him.
Definitely, Maybe - April the Copy Girl
Word to the wise: Don't press that till she wakes up.
Kate & Leopold - Who Are You?
If the press got hold of this it would tarnish the Navy irreparably.
Burning Blue - A Disgrace to the Uniform
- I'm not about getting press. - No, sir. I mean the authorities.
Hotel Transylvania 2 - Learning to Fly
All she has to do is dial 911 and press two for Spanish.
Spanglish - Good Guy, Bad Guy
Snap a few pics. The press'll eat this up.
Annie - Five Points in the Polls
Click on it, and then press control-shift.
The Net - Mozart's Ghost
and I'll press this lever to get the bubbles going.
Flushed Away - Down The Toilet