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Como se pronúncia weren

  • weren

Exemplos de filmes

Weren't too happy to see me. There's something off about them.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
And you wanna tell me that those fights weren't real?
Rocky III - I'm Afraid
I looked you up on an online guide To Vegas, but you weren't in it.
Wild Card - What Are Your Qualifications?
if you weren't such a bitch, we'd feel sorry for you.
Wanted - Wesley's Breakdown
Back then people weren't on the lookout for that kind of thing.
Dirty Work - Don't Take No Crap From Nobody
I shot six people! Well, they weren't real people!
Westworld - Delos Commercial
- Why? - You weren't there.
Closer - Who Are You?
if you weren't sure you're gonna get out of here alive.
Chain Reaction - It's Over
And if I weren't sure of that, I guess I could never have told you about it.
Revolutionary Road - I've Been With a Girl a Few Times
I mean, if you weren't busy building a bowling alley, you'd seen that.
Ray - Stealing From Ray
We...we weren't all that fond of each other.
Alfie - Joe
And it would feel really weird for all of us if you weren't there.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Laters!
And you weren't even gonna tell me.
Ghost Town - You Died
we weren't exactly hitting the sweetest notes.
The Bucket List - Find the Joy
Homo sapiens weren't meant to be monogamous creatures.
Wanderlust - Open Sexual Boundaries
If you weren't so shortsighted, you'd let me out of this cage to explore it.
Hollow Man - This is a Gift
Well, if you weren't so shortsighted
Hollow Man - This is a Gift
Cause you were too busy in your pinny baking fucking fairy cakes, weren't you?
Legend - Bar Beatdown
They weren't exactly planned but...
Mother and Child - Harsh Date
But you weren't honest with me about your past. Come on, you know it.
Think Like a Man Too - Marry Me