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Questions forms упражнения (тест)

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  • Phrase 1/25

    Q: Who do we knowDo we know anyoneWho we know in this town? A: We dont know anyone

  • Phrase 2/25

    Q: How did you learnDid you learnWhat did you learn all this so quickly? A: I studied very hard

  • Phrase 3/25

    Q: Are you likingDo you likeWhat do you like this food? A: Yes, I do

  • Phrase 4/25

    Q: Are theyHave theyWhat did they finished? A: No, they havent

  • Phrase 5/25

    Q: Has sheDid sheWhat did she call call you again? A: Yes, she did

  • Phrase 6/25

    Q: Has the filmWhat did the filmDid the film started? A: No, not yet

  • Phrase 7/25

    Q: What you doWhat do you doDo you do at the weekend? A: I usually go to the gym then meet with friends

  • Phrase 8/25

    Q: Did you eat at your Grandmother’sDid you eatWhere did you eat yesterday? A: I ate at my Grandmothers

  • Phrase 9/25

    Q: When do theyAre theyWhen are they going? A: In a few minutes

  • Phrase 10/25

    Q: What did happenDid something happenWhat happened? A: Not much, dont worry

  • Phrase 11/25

    Q: Where is itWhere did it goIs it here? A: Its next to the post office

  • Phrase 12/25

    Q: Does he live hereDo he live hereWhere does he live? A: Yes, he does

  • Phrase 13/25

    Q: Do you have theseWhose are theseWho does have these socks? A: They are my socks

  • Phrase 14/25

    Q: Who ateWho did eatDid he eat all the cake? A: I think my brother ate the cake

  • Phrase 15/25

    Q: When the partyWhen is the partyWhen does the party starting? A: It starts at 9

  • Phrase 16/25

    Q: Is it timeWhat is it, timeWhat time is it? A: Its 3:55

  • Phrase 17/25

    Q: What you do inWhat do you do inDo you do in your free time? A: I enjoy fishing and sleeping

  • Phrase 18/25

    Q: When is heWhen did heDid he leave? A: He left 10 minutes ago

  • Phrase 19/25

    Q: WhatWhat is itIs it? A: Its a dog

  • Phrase 20/25

    Q: What do you knowAre you knowingDo you know him? A: No, I dont

  • Phrase 21/25

    Q: Did youWhat did youWhat you drink and ring her? A: Yes, Unfortunately, I did

  • Phrase 22/25

    Q: When you rememberedDid you rememberWhen did you remember this? A: I remembered it 2 days ago

  • Phrase 23/25

    Q: Does sheWhat sheWhat does she understand? A: Yes, she does

  • Phrase 24/25

    Q: Does itHow does itWhat does it say? A: It says your fired

  • Phrase 25/25

    Q: What does yourDoes yourWhat is your favourite colour? A: My favourite colour is purple

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