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Как произносится слово model

  • модель
  • образец
  • макет
  • марка
  • эталон
  • шаблон
  • натурщица
  • манекен
  • натурщик
  • живая модель
  • фасон
  • моделировать
  • лепить
  • создавать модель
  • создавать по образцу
  • вылепить
  • формовать
  • быть натурщиком
  • быть натурщицей
  • быть манекенщицей
  • быть живой моделью
  • образцовый
  • примерный

Примеры из фильмов

- I hear you like building model airplanes. - Yeah.
Flipped - Lunch Dates
And, Mr. Sullivan, what does your model say that, that means for us here.
Margin Call - The Music Stops
Using your analogy, what this model shows
Margin Call - The Music Stops
then this model wouldn't be even close to that scenario.
Margin Call - The Music Stops
I'm supposed to be the model Piper Brothers mother!
Sex Tape - Who Else Has These Things?
I mean, it's not every day you get to see a model walking around off the page.
American Reunion - This Must Be Awkward
Are you judging Pakistan's Next Top Model or something?
The Big Sick - I Can't Lose My Family
Did you sell a similar model of a different color ?
An Everlasting Piece - Interrogation
There's underwear model or activist attorney. There is no next.
Roman J. Israel, Esq. - Underwear Model, Esq.
No! It's a big Jacuzzi! Deluxe model!
Flushed Away - Down The Toilet