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Как произносится слово skin

  • кожа
  • шкура
  • оболочка
  • кожица
  • обшивка
  • кожура
  • пленка
  • пенка
  • мех
  • наружный слой
  • выделанная шкура
  • ободрать
  • сдирать кожу или шкуру
  • снимать кожуру
  • ссадить кожу
  • содрать кожу
  • покрывать кожей
  • покрываться кожей
  • зарубцеваться
  • обирать дочиста
  • накожный

Примеры из фильмов

- She's peeling me fucking skin! - What the fuck?!
Sausage Party Trailer
but the bone protrusion through the skin, that's not a good sign.
Death Becomes Her - Medical Mystery
Tall, dark skin. Some big-ass tits.
Belly - Tommy's Crib
Lighten your skin. Shrink up that nose.
Glory - Rawlins Confronts Trip
right on your ankle, and your skin is so soft that I wake up in sobs.
Before Sunset - I Have These Dreams...
They would skin people alive to get them to talk.
Red 2 - Kill Him
Her skin is warm again. She's herself again.
Sin City - An Old Man Dies
Very good for the skin, that's what they say.
Extraction - Condor Activated
Good skin is for hookers and potatoes.
Extraction - Condor Activated
What are you afraid of? A little baby with colored skin?
AE: Apocalypse Earth - Uniting Two Peoples
I'm gutting alligators for their skin.
The Paperboy - I'm Your Mercy
injected into my skin and my face still look like this.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie - Stem Cells
are you gonna do something about your veiny, white skin? Mm.
Going the Distance - The Mustache Time Machine
It's the bit of skin between your vagina and your bum-hole.
T2 Trainspotting - Diane the Lawyer