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Nightwish - Nightquest lyrics with translation (on click)

Nightquest - Nightwish

words to study

Born to the false world the wanderer

Storyteller the pied piper

On a quest for immortality

Gathering a troop to find the fantasy

Lead by a maid queen of the night

Voice of angel such a divine sight

An amazon to fight and cure

This reality with her feline lure

Patriotic to the promised land

Of never-waking dream

Nightquest a quest not for the past

But for tomorrow to make it last

Simply the best way to walk this life

Hand in hand with a dreamer's mind

Enter the realm don't stay awake

The dreams remain they only break

Forget the task enjoy the ride

And follow us into the night

A merry minstrel with his fingers fast

Playing his lute charming every lass

Joins the troop with a glitter in his eye