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Set It Off - I Want You (Gone) (Feat. Matt Appleton) lyrics with translation (on click)

I Want You (Gone) (Feat. Matt Appleton) - Set It Off

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I'm burying every single memory we made to break the curse, to break the curse

I'm burning the pictures, switch my number and my locks cause if it works, well then it works

I'm trapped in a nightmare and I could never wake

It starts with the charm then it cuts to get away

But my eyes are open and all I see is fake infatuation

So I'm escapin'

I guess you'd say I'm blessed

I threw away stress

The moment I said

I want you, I want you gone

I'm on my own path

You're stuck in the past

I want you, I want you gone

I'm paying for passing by advice from all my friends and family

I couldn't see that so clearly