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Set It Off - N.M.E. lyrics with translation (on click)

N.M.E. - Set It Off

words to study

Remove the gag and step away, he's suffocating.

You pull the strings day after day.

That's why he needs a break from you,

Bid your ass adieu,

A break from you,

Bitch, your ass is through.

Oh, I hope he hears these words

Maybe this time he will learn...

You should escape,

Skip town,

No more excuses,

Abandon ship or drown.

No more excuses,

Do you even have a plan of attack?

A way to react?

Oh no, you should escape, skip town,

You're better on your own.

Ok we get it,

You're both a happy couple,

Why else go through the trouble,

Of posting it ten times a day?

Break from you,