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Stone Sour - Get Inside lyrics with translation (on click)

Get Inside - Stone Sour

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Seed, gotta let it grow

Why ya gotta watch when I let it feed?

Better look into the mirror for the face you hide away, everyday

But I don't give a fuck; I let it roll - I smoke the old

Gotta run, gotta rend, gotta maim

Gotta make it through another maze


Please, wring the blood from my hands

Don't pretend that you understand me

I don't even want you looking at me

Motherfucker, GET INSIDE!

Get inside, get inside (motherfucker)

Christ, have you seen this guy?

Make ya sick, gonna peel away all the impurities

Cause all you wanna do is keep curin' me

But I don't give a fuck, I kill everyone