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Stone Sour - Road Hogs [Bonus Track] lyrics with translation (on click)

Road Hogs [Bonus Track] - Stone Sour

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Born and raised in this place called life

I got a serious case of the clap

Dirty fingernails killin' and stealin'

I'm a bonified psycho and I'm ready to snap

Take a demon seed

Smoke a lotta weed

You can't stop me

Oh, hell no

It's greasy style

Smell my shit for miles

Come and get me

Yeah, come on and get me, man

Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah

Road hog

Yeah yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah

Road hog

On the highway, I am thick as shit

It's just the seat is really killin' my 'roids

Motorcycles and a fifth of the beam

I'm a double cammy shammy with a need to destroy, yeah