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Sun Kil Moon - Dogs lyrics with translation (on click)

Dogs - Sun Kil Moon

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Katy Kerlan was my first kiss

I was only five years-old and she hit me with her purse

I had braces on my legs and I almost fell down

And from that day moving forward I've been petrified of blondes

Oh Patricia, she was my first love

She sat eight rows behind me and I couldn't breathe

I gave her Pink Floyd - Animals when we were in 6th grade

And it was on her turntable when I met her on Sunday

Her mom was gone, we were listening to Dogs

She reached down my pants and discovered I was bald

And when I touched her down there she was blossoming and soft

And the next day in school she ignored me in the hall

Shelly and Amber gave me my first taste

I went down on them both at Amber's parents' place

We were drunk as skunks and high on Darvon

And they gave me a bath and I stumbled on home

Mary Anne was my first fuck

She slide down between my legs and oh my god she could suck