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Sun Kil Moon - Micheline lyrics with translation (on click)

Micheline - Sun Kil Moon

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Micheline used to come to our house and knock on our door

My dad would answer and say, "What do you want girl?"

And she'd say, "Can I take a bath with Mark?"

My dad would say, "My son ain't here

Send her home and shut the door and we'd all laugh

And Micheline would walk down the street

Glowing and smiling like she just got Paul McCartney's autograph

Her brain worked a little slower than the others; she wore thick-rimmed glasses

She took a different bus to school than the other kids and was in different kind of classes

When she got older a neighborhood thug moved in with her

And started taking her welfare payments

He took her down to the bank

Helped her withdraw her savings that was put away for her and he went off with it

The cops caught up with him, he did a little time and cut too many years later

He's doing life in a Florida penitentiary with his father, both of them for murder

Micheline, Micheline

Micheline, Micheline

Micheline, Micheline, Micheline

She wanted love like anyone else

Micheline, Micheline, Micheline

She had dreams like anyone else

My friend Brett, my friend Brett, my friend Brett, my friend Brett, he liked to play the guitar

But he had an awkward way of playing barre chords

With two fingers spreading his index and middle fingers really far apart