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The B-52's - Lava lyrics with translation (on click)

Lava - The B-52's

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The B-52's

Produced by Chris Blackwell

Album The B-52's

My body's burning like a lava from a Mauna Loa

My heart is breaking like a Krakatoa

Oh, Krakatoa, east of Java, molten bodies, fiery lava

Fire, fire, burning bright

Turn on your love lava

Turn on your lava light

Fire, oh volcano, over you

Don't let your lava love turn to stone

Keep it burning

Keep it burning here at home

Hot Lava

Hot Lava

My love may be as high as the highest volcano

But the altitude is way too high

Well, it gets so cold when you look at me that way, yeah

I just wanna have that hot lava

Loving me away

My love's mountin'

My love's erupting like a red hot volcano

Fire, oh volcano, over you