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The B-52's - There is a moon in the sky (called the moon) lyrics with translation (on click)

There is a moon in the sky (called the moon) - The B-52's

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[Verse 1]

There's a moon in the sky, it's called the moon

And everybody is there, including

Saturn, (Mercury)

Saturn, (Venus)

Saturn, (Mars)

Saturn, (Jupiter)

The Van Allen Belt

[Verse 2]

Roll, roll, roll, roll, rollin' in Andromeda

Won, ton, ton, ton, rama in Andromeda

There's too many rings (This is the Space Age)

There's too many things (This is the Space Age)

Just ain't no atmosphere tonight

(Can't get no ship to go tonight)

If you're lucky you get to ride in a gold meteorite

[Verse 3]

If you're not, you get a mouth, a mouthful of red Kryptonite