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Usher - Can U Handle It? lyrics with translation (on click)

Can U Handle It? - Usher

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[Usher speaking]

What's up baby

I'm so glad I got you here

I'm so in love with you

And I don't ever wanna lose you

I wanna take this to the next level

I hope you ready

Now that you're here

I got somethin' to say baby

I think that you should know

You're givin' the most, suga

So don't worry 'bout the situation

I'd never let you go


Can you handle it

If I go there baby with you

I can handle it

I can go there baby with you

Oh I hear you talkin' babe

Can you handle it

Can I go there baby with you

We gon' set it off

We gon' tear it up

Baby can you handle

Wooooo baby