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Fat Joe – Terror Squadians şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Terror Squadians - Fat Joe

Şarkı Sözleri
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Terror squad.

ungh. now why you wanna go and fuck with them? platinum

Status motherfuckers. eat a dick!

Now who's the underated pro they scared to play on the radio?

Who lives the lyrics all my real niggas already know

Flow for flow no crew can step to us

And blow for blow i'm pretty sure that you heard the rumors

I give tumors to niggas and comas to bitches

No one's against us, roll with the riches

And float with the fishes

The revolution has started thats why i'm undercarded

My squad will turn to the most feared into the dearly departed

As hard as they come, they all fall like the great wall

Make no mistake, i take you straight to the state morgue

Swarmin informers like cops at drug corners

Feds got the bugs on us, tryin to lay the law on us

They want us in jails, with bails to ?, but am i the don?

Shit, i'll be out by the morn', word bond

My game is on lock, till you bawl cop

And its never ever gonna stop


Yo, yo, i play the game with caution

Son changes, gave power, created ?vactivities?

Bring fame and fortune

Why can't you live this? all day hands on bitches

With financial ventures, enhance the riches

Gotta hold the cake, my grandmoms had dreams

But it seems i couldn't graduate or go to drake

It hurts at nights i gots to reimburse the rights

Niggas is worse the sheists for the merchandise

My words percise, cause if not i wouldn't speak it

I rock shit everyday of the week, especially the weekends

Outside, these pretty clothes i live, but with the titty-ho

Knock a nigga out, for the shit he stole

We already degraded, me and my family the most hated

Bitch were barely both made it

See the thinly related, to everything in the street

I'm sellin coke, crack, and dope, plus swingin the heat

Chorus: triple seis

We got drug dealers and bug niggas, who love killin

Slugs killin, ya touch feelin, just for the thrillin

We bust feelins, dump bodies in crushed buildings