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Jimmy Eat World – My best theory şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

My best theory - Jimmy Eat World

Şarkı Sözleri
çalışılacak sözcükler

It's been a long time, so long

There's only one life I know (I know)

But I have my own mind

I'll say so if it seems right

(Hey rush out)

I see your warm face with the soft mouth

But it speaks something else (else)

I'll take my chances with the cast down

We can feel the air

Rush out, out from the center

Not like one side is any better

Stand up as they bend, reaching

My best theory?

It’s already in me

(We can feel, we can feel the air

Rush out)

So many questions

And the answers come back unanswered

Let's hold the old script