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P. Diddy – We Gon` Makeit şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

We Gon` Makeit - P. Diddy

Şarkı Sözleri
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Baby this is your last dance; you know how you do it

There's no nigga like you and there'll never be another nigga like you

Put your foot on these motherfuckers necks

Do it to 'em daddy, do it to 'em


As my, Daytons spin lowrider sittin low

Hittin corners so hard you can taste my rims

Hard top six-four, I'm Diddy no tint

I can't hide in New York City

I'm 'bout it in the South, sleep good in the West

Know a chick from Watts with Bad Boy tatted on her breast

I done been there and did it (I done been there and did it)

Ten years without gettin sweat inside my Yankee fitted

1990-Raw I showed you ice

You ain't know who Jacob was so I showed you twice

When it was (All About the Benjamins) I had two bezels on my arm

Like a Don's supposed to, Sean

Ride with a chaffeur in Gucci loafers

And switch to All Stars without losin focus

These rap niggaz hopeless (hopeless) you can change the locks

but I'ma shine for niggaz that ain't know Big

[Chorus: Jack Knight]

Do, seem, like, my, fu-ture's, here, nowwwww

It feels good to see the sun in the mornin

I'm tired of feelin that the people are talkin

I heard a rumor that things ain't changin

But Lord knows that we gon' make it


[Diddy - over Chorus]

The world famous

As we proceed

To give you what you need

It's been so long

It's been so real

So magnificent, thank you