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Filmlerden örnekler

Robot Chicken - Gone Barbie
for give me some fuckin' cola before I break both fuckin' lips.'
Super Troopers - Dimpus Burger
You wanna break me down? All right, I'm afraid.
Rocky III - I'm Afraid
provisions which will help us break into your elegant home.
The Purge - Please Just Let Us Purge
Help! Oh, now I'm gonna fall and break my leg, leaving me helpless.
Scary Movie - Wanna Play Pyscho Killer?
You break anything in there, I'm gonna kill ya!
Raging Bull - You Want Your Steak?
Do you think I let that break me?
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
And then convinced him to break up with her.
Mean Girls - Regina Meets Bus
Better come correct Because I came to break you off, bitch
Hustle & Flow - Whoop That Trick
I will break your fuckin' neck!
Primal Fear - The Tape
Well I hate to break this to you, but Starfleet operates in space.
Star Trek - Kirk Meets Bones
And we'll be right back after this break with your listener response.
Sleepless in Seattle - Sam is Sleepless in Seattle
Break mother's heart. Done. I mean, that's it.
Liar Liar - Big Liar
this is more like me sayin' that I will literally break your shit off
Hitch - Professional Help
Come on, give me a break, will you?
48 Hrs. - I Hate Rednecks
I'm going to break into the CIA.
Red - KGB and CIA
Takes a break from school,
XX - Bad Boy
You didn't threaten to break his legs and then crush him into powder?
The Pink Panther - Big Brass Balls
All right, can you give me a break? I just wanted to wait in line.
The Weather Man - Waiting In Line