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certain nasıl okunur

  • belirli
  • kesin
  • emin
  • belirlenmiş
  • muhakkak
  • kuşkusuz
  • herhangi bir
  • şüphesiz
  • güvenilir
  • falanca
  • mutlâk

Certain sözcüğünü içeren filmlerden örnekler

Look, a toxin dissipates quickly in the air. They're only potent in a certain density.
The Happening - Talking to Plants
I think there are certain things you should expect from your president.
Dave - The Whole Truth
And... I happened to look over during a certain point of the meal,
Old School - A Waitresses' Panties
Of course, I can't really be certain without an x-ray,
Death Becomes Her - Medical Mystery
Why can't we treat death with a certain amount of
Patch Adams - You Treat a Person
Well, that is for damn certain.
Hitch - Professional Help
He thought he was on course, but there was no way to be certain.
Doubt - Crisis of Faith
- Because certain patients feel like... - I feel great.
50/50 - Doogie Howser
Can you tell me for certain that if we came out in the open,
Hotel Transylvania - The Legend of Lady Lubov
To be fair, everyone will protect each other equally, I'm certain.
Your Highness - The Fair Isabel
You know, in certain older civilized cultures,
Serenity - Fall on Your Sword
People in general or certain people?
Case 39 - What Scares You?
And I am one hundred percent certain about that.
Exposed - Game Over, Playboy
and wooing a certain lady friend by putting chocolate on her pillow.
Mississippi Grind - Tell Me Something
In fact some might say that attempts of certain people
Kinky Boots - Lola Out of London
Okay, that's true, but in a certain sense, it wasn't me.
The Voices - A Stone-Cold Murdering Maniac
If only a certain donkey had warned me.
The Star - Animal Impersonations
when certain people can't be bothered to make it to a mandatory house meeting.
Happy Death Day - Just Say Yes
Be certain of that, Mr. Christian. Be most entirely certain.
Mutiny on the Bounty - Poisoned With Contempt

Certain sözcüğünün sesli telaffuzu

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Certain sözcüğünün Joanna tarafından telaffuz edilişi (kadın)
Certain sözcüğünün Kendra tarafından telaffuz edilişi (kadın)
Certain sözcüğünün Kimberly tarafından telaffuz edilişi (kadın)
Certain sözcüğünün Salli tarafından telaffuz edilişi (kadın)
Certain sözcüğünün Joey tarafından telaffuz edilişi (erkek)
Certain sözcüğünün Justin tarafından telaffuz edilişi (çocuk, erkek çocuk)
Certain sözcüğünün Matthew tarafından telaffuz edilişi (erkek)

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Certain sözcüğünün Amy tarafından telaffuz edilişi (kadın)
Certain sözcüğünün Emma tarafından telaffuz edilişi (kadın)
Certain sözcüğünün Brian tarafından telaffuz edilişi (erkek)