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tells nasıl okunur

  • anlatır
  • söylemek
  • anlatmak
  • bildirmek
  • demek
  • haber vermek
  • ayırt etmek
  • emretmek
  • açığa çıkarmak

Filmlerden örnekler

Your home tells me you're good folk, just like us.
The Purge - Please Just Let Us Purge
My, uh, wife tells me you made a move on Darien.
Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps
So Anna tells me your bloke wrote a book.
Closer - Anna's Photo Exhibition
They wear their tells like signs around their necks.
Rounders - Atlantic City Suckers
The one who tells you over and over that you should have saved her,
Shutter Island - My Name is Edward Daniels
Nobody tells me what to do. I go bang, bang, bang the drum.
Role Models - A Venti Coffee
I can't help if he tells her one thing and then tells me another.
Life of Crime - A New Plan
He calls here and tells Lara, who cries.
Minority Report - Run
My associate tells me you have five grandkids?
Matchstick Men - Guaranteed Prizes
...tells us this kind of behavior is wrong.
Middle Men - A Part of Ourselves
And the irony of this disease is it tells her she doesn't have a disease.
Glassland - Drinking Herself to Death
The thing he does where he tells people
Mr. Holmes - Do You Regret?
But what's there tells a story if you read between the lines.
Hidden Figures - Russian Spy
I go where he tells me to go, and I do what he tells me to do.
Wonder Woman - Shopping
There is a man comes along, tells me the story about a drought in California.
xXx: Return of Xander Cage - Grenade Roulette