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Англійська вимова слова pretend

  • робити вигляд
  • вдавати
  • лебезувати
  • наподоблюватися
  • оказувати
  • осмілюватися
  • посилатися на щось
  • претендувати
  • прикидатися
  • симулювати

Приклади з фільмів

The Venture Bros. - Arch de Triumph
and they wouldn't even know it was me, l'd pretend l was you.
This Means War - Surveillance Sex Talk
So I had her pretend to be friends with Regina,
Mean Girls - Regina Meets Bus
That's pretty sick, man. You pretend to be my friend for a full year,
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
and go bang, bang and the other kid would lie down and pretend dead.
Westworld - Delos Commercial
You know I couldn't invite you. I had to pretend to be Plastic.
Mean Girls - You're Plastic
Let's suspend reality for , like,a second and pretend, like, I said yes.
Miss Congeniality - Gracie's New Assignment
Then I can pretend they are from my husband.
Chocolat - What Do You See?
And I had to pretend like I didn't even like them, and...
Mean Girls - Such a Good Friend
They pretend they don't see you. You pretend you don't ditch.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High - I Don't Know
Okay, uh, just pretend that you're me and take them around and... Hi.
Fever Pitch - Ben Meets Lindsey
That's good. Pretend he's your little sister.
Superbad - Pussies on the Pavement
Pretend like you don't make me vomit in my nose every time I look at you?
What Happens in Vegas - Wedding Counseling
Is there any way we could just pretend that maybe we go back in time
Hereafter - Can I Ask You a Question?
so we can get on to more pressing matters and pretend this never happened.
Burning Blue - A Disgrace to the Uniform
Paula, you don't have to pretend to like me any more.
Failure to Launch - Tripp Exposes the Plan
All right, Amy, I want you to pretend to be Mike,
Bad Moms - Couple's Therapy
and Mike, I want you to pretend to be Amy.
Bad Moms - Couple's Therapy
But please, please don't pretend that you give a shit.
27 Dresses - I Think You Deserve More
I want you to loop back around and pretend I'm one of those
Life as We Know It - The Messer Magic