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How to pronounce after in English


Examples from movies with After

My mother is at home looking after my sister Victoria
True Grit - A Man with True Grit
And we'll be right back after this break with your listener response.
Sleepless in Seattle - Sam is Sleepless in Seattle
After everybody is all gone, check the banquettes
54 - New Bus Boy
I became Night Bitch after my sister was murdered and found in a dumpster.
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice Forever
after my parents were mugged and killed coming home from the opera.
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice Forever
After 12 years in the minor leagues, I don't try out.
Bull Durha - What Crash Believes
After all, how different can it be from the home games...
Rounders - Atlantic City Suckers
Well, maybe they'll be more interested after we play the Copa.
Dreamgirls - Deena's Gonna Sing Lead
And after that, I just sort of space out for about an hour.
Office Space - Motivation Problems
I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too.
Office Space - Motivation Problems
And after what you've gone through,
Rudy - Fortune's Truth
Did you take over this place after Mrs Lippman died, is that right?
The Silence of the Lambs - Buffalo Bill
this boy who's being looked after, he knows who you are.
Animal Kingdom - Janine Blackmails Randall
after she purposely set your city apartment on fire.
Shutter Island - My Name is Edward Daniels
How they looked after me, cared for me,
Alfie - What Have I Got?
And after that, we're off the hook. And you know it.
John Q - Hypocritical Oath
So after all they've been through,
RoboCop - End This Nightmare
But if you see me after class, I'll give you some chapters. Anybody?
Save the Last Dance - Truman Capote Debate
and after that most of you will never play this game again as long as you live.
Friday Night Lights - Coach Gaines on Being Perfect
- I need to get to the phone. - No. no, no. Not after the neural scan.
Salt - You Are a Russian Spy

Audio pronunciation of After

American pronunciation

After pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
After pronounced by Joanna (female)
After pronounced by Kendra (female)
After pronounced by Kimberly (female)
After pronounced by Salli (female)
After pronounced by Joey (male)
After pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
After pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

After pronounced by Amy (female)
After pronounced by Emma (female)
After pronounced by Brian (male)