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How to pronounce an in English


Examples from movies with An

It's insane, impossible, crazy to think that buffoon could ever win an election.
Donald Trump Will Never Be President… Or Will He?
Joke on all of us that Trump even got this far is an embarrassment.
Donald Trump Will Never Be President… Or Will He?
Robot Chicken - Gone Barbie
Robot Chicken - Gone Barbie
-Looks like you wrapped an ACE bandage around yourself like three times. - Yeah, I don't even want to touch it.
Bad Moms Official Trailer
That's like an eye mask, like you put it in the fridge.
Bad Moms Official Trailer
Defeat him and you'll defeat an empire.
Ben-Hur Official Trailer
The minions took an instant liking to Man and helped him as best they could.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
There's no such thing as an "uncle Steve".
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
So we got to keep an eye out for any zany, wacky characters that pop up.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
My boy Future is an Uncle Tom I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob
8 Mile - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc
I am an iceberg, crisp, frigid, frozen in a mountain of glassy ice.
Peeples - The Sweat Teepee
I'm an ice cream truck filled with delicious, cool treats.
Peeples - The Sweat Teepee
Basically, we have a phone number that we need to get an address from,
Date Night - You Two Make Sex With Us?
An opportunity to grieve unalone.
John Wick - I'm Back
And I haven't really had an answer.
John Wick - I'm Back
All right, even an unruly dog likes to obey his leader.
Marley & Me - Marley Gets Frisky
I wanna take a photo.Now, give me an action pose.
I Love You, Man - Best Bond Impression

Audio pronunciation of An

American pronunciation

An pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
An pronounced by Joanna (female)
An pronounced by Kendra (female)
An pronounced by Kimberly (female)
An pronounced by Salli (female)
An pronounced by Joey (male)
An pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
An pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

An pronounced by Amy (female)
An pronounced by Emma (female)
An pronounced by Brian (male)