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How to pronounce boxes in English


Examples from movies with Boxes

and I can't wait to start checking me off some big fucking boxes.
Wanted - Wesley's Breakdown
to our boxes, through the cage
Casino - The Count Room
They'd even take cash right out of the drop boxes.
Casino - The Count Room
Four boxes of mini-mints, two toffee totes,
Despicable Me - CookieBots
two caramel clumpies and fifteen boxes of coco-nutties.
Despicable Me - CookieBots
We make a deal where we supply sports factoids to their boxes.
In Good Company - Synchronize and Synergize
I gotta know how much are you selling these boxes for?
The Boss - Dandelion Meeting
You guys grab all the boxes and then sneak out the back
Baby Driver - A Score for a Score
- With the recruits? - Yes, he's living out of cardboard boxes.
Hot Fuzz - Good Luck Nicholas

Audio pronunciation of Boxes

American pronunciation

Boxes pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Boxes pronounced by Joanna (female)
Boxes pronounced by Kendra (female)
Boxes pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Boxes pronounced by Salli (female)
Boxes pronounced by Joey (male)
Boxes pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Boxes pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Boxes pronounced by Amy (female)
Boxes pronounced by Emma (female)
Boxes pronounced by Brian (male)

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