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How to pronounce bringing in English


Examples from movies with Bringing

Yeah, well, now bringing me in safe and sound is doin' your job!
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
Wait. You know, if we're bringing the swing, let's just bring the Jumperoo.
Neighbors - Baby's First Rave
The government will pay you two dollars for bringing him in
True Grit - A Man with True Grit
I'm bringing on Jolly Jenkins to stage a whole new show.
Dreamgirls - Deena's Gonna Sing Lead
to bringing a first conviction in this house of cards
JFK - The Truth
But we never talked about your fee for bringing it to us.
Fargo - A Finder's Fee Scene
No, but, Wade, see, I was bringing you this deal
Fargo - A Finder's Fee Scene
Jerry, we thought you were bringing us an investment.
Fargo - A Finder's Fee Scene
She is bringing some serious heat, man.
Fever Pitch - Ben Meets Lindsey
Is that all a concern in terms of bringing a child into your house?
The Family Stone - I Just Mean the Gay Thing
A man bringing us not the old truths, but a new one.
Hail, Caesar! - Got Most Of It
Let's just say that I have a vested interest in bringing them to justice.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Casey Meets the Turtles
I was so worried. I'm bringing you back with me.
Open Season - You Are Home Scene

Audio pronunciation of Bringing

American pronunciation

Bringing pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Bringing pronounced by Joanna (female)
Bringing pronounced by Kendra (female)
Bringing pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Bringing pronounced by Salli (female)
Bringing pronounced by Joey (male)
Bringing pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Bringing pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Bringing pronounced by Amy (female)
Bringing pronounced by Emma (female)
Bringing pronounced by Brian (male)