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How to pronounce else in English


Examples from movies

Go talk to him before somebody else dates him. Really ?
Superstar - Sky Breaks Up with Evian
Thank you, Aron. Anyone else you'd like to say hi to?
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
...but I don't know who else to talk to.
East of Eden - Ferris Wheel Kiss
Right. But, but. But you didn't do anything else, right?
There's Something About Mary - Hair Gel
And you did what I and everybody else thought you should do.
Rocky III - I'm Afraid
Like everyone else, you were born into bondage...
The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill
I'm sorry, son, but you must have me confused with someone else.
Airplane! - Have You Ever Seen a Grown Man Naked?
you will filter everything else out and find that thing everywhere.
Pi - Go Board
Tell anyone else about this buddy? How big is this thing?
The Iron Giant - Giant Problems
More that anything else in her life she wants to see Paris...
Groundhog Day - Phil's a God
Sit down or else I'll make you sit down!
Star Trek - Kirk Meets Bones
Yeah, well... I've got nowhere else to go,
Star Trek - Kirk Meets Bones
Do you have anything else you wanna say?
Mean Girls - Girls Gone Wild!
I hope that nobody else ever does see it.
Mean Girls - Girls Gone Wild!
Anywhere else in the country I was a bookie, a gambler
Casino - The Count Room
And then. And then, then nothing else, because I'm done ordering. Okay?
Dude, Where's My Car? - And Theeennn...