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How to pronounce guard in English


Examples from movies with Guard

Like there was this crossing guard used to grab all the kids' asses.
Dirty Work - Don't Take No Crap From Nobody
Hey, look, everybody! Crossing guard's grabbing 8-year-old's ass over here!
Dirty Work - Don't Take No Crap From Nobody
Past the jag-off guard who gets an extra C-note a week just to watch the door.
Casino - The Count Room
Those that I fight I do not hate Those that I guard I do not love
Memphis Belle - Poetry
talking about it. You threw me off guard.
Morning Glory - Taking it Slowly
Only king Leonidas and his personal guard of 300 have marched to fight.
300: Bir Imparatorlugun Yükselisi - My Heart is Persian
now they just call him Guard.
Dog Eat Dog - El Greco
we don't guard our conduct in the same way.
Little Women - A New Player

Audio pronunciation of Guard

American pronunciation

Guard pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Guard pronounced by Joanna (female)
Guard pronounced by Kendra (female)
Guard pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Guard pronounced by Salli (female)
Guard pronounced by Joey (male)
Guard pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Guard pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Guard pronounced by Amy (female)
Guard pronounced by Emma (female)
Guard pronounced by Brian (male)