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How to pronounce lucky in English


Examples from movies

Some company out there's gonna thank their lucky stars they hired my little brother.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
- That's lucky. - Yeah, it is.
Ted - White Trash Names
Yeah, but I ironed on your lucky number on the back: 13.
Valentine's Day - Valentine Gifts
And he's familiar with the Lucky Ned Pepper gang
True Grit - I'm a Texas Ranger
I got lucky. There was a patient escape. It was the perfect excuse.
Shutter Island - What If They Wanted You Here?
Mr. LaBoeuf drew single-handed upon the Lucky Ned Pepper gang
True Grit - I Bow Out
Lucky Ned and his cohort gone.
True Grit - I Bow Out
- Still keep the key under the ashtray. - Lucky guess.
Men in Black 3 - Bowling Ball Head
you're lucky we don't shoot you first and greet you later.
Legion - They're Here
Would that my son had been that lucky.
Monster-in-Law - Slap Fight
Some couples are lucky, some aren't.
Bounce - A Smoking Non-Smoker
Oh, come on, guys. I think we're all pretty lucky.
American Reunion - This Must Be Awkward
That's a very unsafe tower. You're lucky we don't call the authorities.
Hotel Transylvania 2 - Learning to Fly
We're telling you this because you two lucky gentlemen...
The Interview - They're Honeypotting Us
You never been a wheelman? You never had a lucky song?
Baby Driver - A Score for a Score
How lucky we are that you have access to these old family recipes, Betty.
Southbound - Mystery Meat Dinner