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The Neighbourhood - Givin N' Takin (feat. Danny Seth and Dej Loaf.. traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Givin N' Takin (feat. Danny Seth and Dej Loaf.. - The Neighbourhood

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[Verse 1 - Danny Seth:]

Talkin' 'bout money?

Shit, I'm about to make a lot

See the Rollie on my left wrist?

It's the reason I don't use a clock

Check the Rollie once again

Still I have to for the cops

And if you hatin' on the low

Better stand up 'fore your punk arse gets dropped

I'm a trendsetter

Tryna make bread like Mayweather

Comparin' me to other men, I'm way better

This lamb skin, boy you are fake leather

I ain't got time for the beef, mothafucka

Cook it like Boyardee mothafucka

Everybody wanna be me, see me

They'll be on my nuts [?], mothafucka

I just checked and I got next

I ain't talking alphabet but I'm better with your ex

You be hangin' with the 6s while I'm bangin' out the 10s

And I'm from the UK, flow like the River Teign

So come flow with me