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The Neighbourhood - Revenge traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Revenge - The Neighbourhood

palabras a estudiar

I let you hit me off, mhm

I won't do that again

And I know it's wrong, mhm

But now I want some revenge

Coming for your heart

Every beat, when you sleep

In your dreams, when you eat

In your feelings

I'll make it hard, I'll make you stuffed

Just give me one good reason, baby

(Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby)

What a tool with your cool leather jacket

I got news for you, everybody has it

You're a fool, another quick habit

Eat your food, enjoy it while you have it

And while you chew it I want you to imagine

How I felt when I saw you grab him

You must've used magic to take it away

I let you hit me off, mhm