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T.I. - Hell Of A Life traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Hell Of A Life - T.I.

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Its the king representing once more, you understand.

When people see me on Bankhead man on four star point, screaming, waving and yelling.

I don't wanna roll over no toes in my Rolls.

You just back up let a pimp pass through you dig?

Beamer's, Bently's double R's Ferrari's

Every time I see shorty

Where your head tonight

Selling out arenas chasing asses like Serena

Man, shawty live a hell of a life

Im shining in and out of foreign

Cars never boring

Cash steady flowing they ask shawty where you goin'?

People see me they ask me shawty where you goin'?

Partners see me they ask me shawty where you goin'?

Shorty goin' extra hard when they release his passport

Why I need a credit card what you think this cash for?

Hit the dealership and give them every dime he ask for

Just so I can see 260 on the dash board

If shinnin against the law somebody better get the task force for me

Hoes love me, let me fuck 'em til they ass hoarse

Pimpin' 101 just come and see me take a crash course

You wanna count my money go to college need a math course

On a mad dash for a 100 mill an runnin

Breakneck speed til I see a billi coming.

Im filthy rich and hungry feel the grumbling in my stomach

Im still stunting off the chain chasing nothing but some money