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T.I. - What Up, What's Haapnin' traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

What Up, What's Haapnin' - T.I.

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[Chorus: T.I.]

Ey, what's haapnin'? (what it is you all)

All you haters, can get at me (Center Hill, {?} what it do)

'Cause I hear you, and am watchin' (Church Creek, South Grand stand up)

But am serious (it's the king bitch, yeah)

Haters, so all I got to say is WHAT UP!? (here we go)

What's haapnin'? (what's haapnin' baby?)

All you haters (HEY! I know you had a good time didn't you)

'Cause I hear you, and am watchin'

But I'm still here, I ain't stoppin'

So what up, what's haapnin'?

All you haters, Can get at me

'Cause I hear you, and am watchin'

But am serious

Haters, so all I got to say is WHAT UP!?

[Verse 1: T.I.]

What it is bruh, what it do man,

Still the man from Japan to the blue flame (that right)

Still hit the door and make it rain with the loose change

I bet that what he get a show, now that's a damn shame (hahahaha)

I get that what he hatin' for, boy you so damn lame

You click the same, a just a buncha walkin' shit stains (click finish)

Disgrace the A, gave the city such a bad name

You way back in my rear view mirror, I'm in the fast lane

But still I hear you loud and clear on you little song

Go on get you dissin' on while the king gone

Your self-esteem gone, 'cause I'm back now

Let's see if we can't teach these niggas how to act now

You're kissin' at them, you're jumpin' bad now

I check you ass then, I shut you ass down