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T.I. - Swagger Like Us(feat. Jay-Z&Kanye West&Lil Wa.. traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Swagger Like Us(feat. Jay-Z&Kanye West&Lil Wa.. - T.I.

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[Intro/Chorus 4X: sample of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"]

"No one on the corner has swagger like us"

"Swagger like us, swagger-swagger like us"


[Kanye West]

("No one on the corner") Mr. West is in the building

Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion

("No one on the corner") Aiyyo I know I got it first

I'm Christopher Columbus, y'all just the pilgrims

Thanksgiving, do we even got a question?

Hermes pastel, I passed the dressing

My attitude is tattooed

That mean it's permanent, so I guess we should address it, huh?

("No one on the corner") My swagger is Mick Jagger

Every time I breathe on a track, I asthma attack it

Why he so mad for? Why he gotta have it?

Cause a slave my whole life, now I'm the master


How it feel to wake up and be the shit, and the urine?


Tryna get that Kobe number, one over Jordan




("No one on the corner") Got a bop like this

Can't wear skinny jeans cause my knots don't fit

No one on the corner got a pocket like this

So I rock Roc jeans cause my knots so thick

You can learn how to dress just for checking my fresh

Checking-checking my fresh, checking-checking my fresh

Follow my steps is the road to success

Where the niggas know you're thorough when the girls say yes (yes!)

("No one on the corner") But I can't teach 'em my swag