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T.I. - On Top Of The World(feat. Ludacris&B.o.B) traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

On Top Of The World(feat. Ludacris&B.o.B) - T.I.

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[Intro: Ludacris (T.I.)]

Rich by popular demand (The wait is over homie)

Yes it is, A-Town connection! (Know the city gon' feel this)

Damn right (Say Toot, I know you see me, 'Cris!)

Whattup boy? (I know both our pops lookin at us!)

Wayne Bridges, whattup? Let's go!

(Big Phil, we made this shit happen homie)

History in the makin (Hey!) Hey!

(Momma I did it!)

[Chorus: B.o.B.]

I used to dream (I used to dream) ohh-whoa (ohh!)

About the money and the cars and girls (and the girls)

But now I see (now I see) ohh-whoa! (ohh!)

Because I'm sittin on top of the world! (the whole world)

And now I see (ay) see (ay) see (ay) see (ay)

Cause I'm sittin on top of the world! (ay, ay, ay, ay)

And now I see (ay) see (ay) see (ay) see (ay)

Cause I'm sittin on top of the world! (ay, ay, yeah, yeah)


Ay, man I remember 'fore I stay that way, let me issue this statement

No way should reflection be mistaken for glorification

Now I remember so vivid, me and my niggaz was livin (how?)

Sub-standard condition, still handlin business (that right)

Still laughin and trippin, still happen to bitches (okay)

I'm rappin not reminiscin, and goddamn it we did it

From trappin, standin and pitchin with riches stand in the kitchen

Splittin it eight ways, flip it in eight days

Thought to wild and unruly but just the way to behave

Kept the weigh and the yay' for most the paper we made

And all dimes, I ain't lyin, the pleasure was all mine

Had big work to move but we served the small time

Always outshine the niggaz with small minds

Who would thought we'd be arguably the greatest of all time

'Round here, we develop such a sound down here

Been duplicated often still can only be found here (BANKHEAD!)