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Todrick Hall - 2003 traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

2003 - Todrick Hall

palabras a estudiar

I daydreamed that we were kids still in high school

Remember when I ran and hid cuz I liked you

We fell in love just because we had the right to

Ain't it crazy how the world and the time flew

You put your digits in my flip phone

Turned up the radio so we could get our kiss on

Ima text you sweet dreams when I get home

But we forget to seize the moment until it's gone

Hall pass skippin class in the back lot

Wish we could travel to the past for one last shot

You'll be my cheerleader I'll be your mascot

Take you to the prom steal a kiss that your dad caught

Years later gettin married how the wine taste

Ima put you in my top eight on my myspace

Maybe it's the wrong time but the right place

But whatever the case just, just

Hop in my jeep, there's no doors on it

Kick it with me, I'm all yours baby