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Todrick Hall - Painting in the Rain traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Painting in the Rain - Todrick Hall

palabras a estudiar

Sticks and stones

Hurt harder when you know their thrown

From no farther than your own sweet home

And you fall flat on the welcome mat

You won't be welcomed at

Walk that line

There's no when you gotta choose a side

There's no gray there's only black and white

And it just ain't right

If we fight then it's just like

Painting in the rain

Walking in slow motion trying to catch a moving train

Why we overdosing just to dull a little pain

Joining the parade just to march the other way

It's like painting in the rain

Fighting for a difference but we never wanna change

Right foot lifted, left foot chained

Eyes wide opened but denying what we see

We might as well be out painting in the

Rain, rain, rain