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Todrick Hall - Ka-Ching traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Ka-Ching - Todrick Hall

palabras a estudiar

Yo, yo, yo

I got money, I got money (bitch)

I got money growing on trees

Diamonds for seeds, a million leaves

Cartier rings, on all of my fings'

Got that whip at the wings

When they see me, they see money

'Cause I got ka-ching

I got money, I got money (bitch)

I got money, got the Louis, that Prada, Vendi

The wagon is a G

You got the whip, I got me three

Yeah, I'm living the dream

When they see me, they see money

Cause I got ka-ching

I used to be a broke ass bitch

Yeah, I'm in school but no class bitch

Stop, don't even ask bitch

'Cause I ain't got no cash for no gas bitch

But that was a pass bitch

The glow up was fast bitch

I'm chilling, I'm past rich

I'm swimming in cash bitch

All my haters can drop in a casket

Fat money, tall money

Black money, raw money

Thick money, RuPaul money

Haters, where y'all money?

Who did Beyonce send fo'? Me

Who wrists' covered in gold? T