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Within Temptation - Raise Your Banner (ft. Anders Fridén) traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Raise Your Banner (ft. Anders Fridén) - Within Temptation

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Blood for freedom

You're pushing me into the corner

Don't fight with me, don't fight with me, don't fight with me

I'm crowning no man for his armour or rhapsody

For what I see and what I feel

Wake up

I'm defying you, seeing right through you

Once I believed in you

Wake up

Feel what's coming deep within we all know

Blood for freedom

So raise your banner, fight your war

Break the silence, no remorse

Won't die within

(Blood for freedom)

Raise your banner, won't you come

Fight the venom, the good die young

Won't die within

I'm feeling the eyes of the fallen they’re watching me

They make me see, they make me see