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Pronunciación en inglés de born

  • nacido
  • de nacimiento
  • nato

Ejemplos de películas

Like everyone else, you were born into bondage...
The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill
...born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch.
The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill
Born and raised in the M Memphis, Tennessee
Hustle & Flow - Whoop That Trick
But you didn't know l was born
Elf - Buddy Meets His Dad
this is not the country in which I was born
JFK - The Truth
My son has had clean checkups every year since the day he was born.
John Q - Hypocritical Oath
My pop died before I was born.
Creed - You Got a Jawn?
I can tell you that Marion Robert Morrison was born in Winterset, Iowa, 1907.
Mississippi Grind - Tell Me Something
My name's Carrie Pilby, I... well I was born in London
Carrie Pilby - The Enlightened Professor
that's what they born into attracts them to the victims
Citadel - They Can Smell Fear
Because I was born in a girl's body.
3 Generations - First Dinner
According to Wadiyan propaganda, Haffaz Aladeen was born in nineteen seventy three.
The Dictator - Opening Scene
I wished that my brother had never been born.
Zathura - Wishing Star
I was born in the province of Valenko. Where was your man born?
The Assassination Bureau - You Want My Life