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Pronunciación en inglés de double

  • doble
  • dobles
  • duplo
  • doblez
  • contra
  • duplicar
  • doblar
  • duplicarse
  • doblarse
  • redoblar
  • ambiguo

Ejemplos de películas

We should fucking double-date, or something.
Ted - White Trash Names
My sister, Veronica, and I had this double act.
Chicago - Cell Block Tango
Yeah. Um... Can I get a double pizza burger,
Shallow Hal - Lunch With Rosemary
Then as of this moment, they're on double secret probation.
Animal House - Double Secret Probation
Looks and personality. Double-threat guy.
Liar Liar - Big Liar
or would you be getting, a... a stunt-horse-double-man-thing ?
Notting Hill - Questions & Apologies
Excuse me for not bragging about my double haemorrhoids. Huge.
Miss You Already - I'm Legally Blind Also
Double your dosage of the patch you've been wearing.
Hunter Gatherer - Lab Rat
Well, naturally, we would double the amount of money you receive.
Hunter Gatherer - Lab Rat
It's a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver.
Atomic Blonde - Truth and Lies
Somewhere along the line, these B's and double B's went from a little risky
The Big Short - Jenga
A's, zero. B's, zero. Double B's, zero. Triple B's, zero.
The Big Short - Jenga
Can I please get the garbage omelet, double meat, home fries...
Going the Distance - The Mustache Time Machine
A catalogue of thieves, double-crossers and do-gooders.
Flushed Away - Getting Fridged
There are agents. There are double agents,
I Spy - Pseudo-Double Agent
and sometimes there are pseudo-double agents.
I Spy - Pseudo-Double Agent