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Pronunciación en inglés de settle

  • resolver
  • banco
  • escaño
  • establecerse
  • liquidar
  • arreglar
  • colocar
  • establecer
  • asentar
  • pagar
  • colonizar
  • fijar
  • poblar
  • depositarse
  • posarse
  • satisfacer
  • acordar
  • calmar
  • resolverse
  • afincarse
  • acabar con
  • estabilizar
  • serenarse
  • arbitrar
  • disipar
  • clarificar
  • localizarse
  • cuajar
  • poner en orden
  • asignar
  • domiciliarse
  • despachar
  • venir
  • entablarse
  • hacer caer
  • arrellanarse
  • clarificarse
  • hundirse poco a poco
  • espesarse
  • volver a la normalidad

Ejemplos de películas

It doesn't matter, because you're the one that's gotta settle it.
Rocky III - I'm Afraid
and settle down the moment you have children.
Revolutionary Road - Paris!
- Settle, settle, settle, settle ! - I don't want to settle.
Liar Liar - I Can't Lie!
What say we settle this on the runway... Han-solo ?
Zoolander - I'm Not Your Brah
You're gonna have to settle for her place 'cause it's all I know.
48 Hrs. - I Hate Rednecks
Because we were just trying to settle an argument too.
Kissing Jessica Stein - Lesbian Sex
See, it takes a while, that does, you know, to settle.
Legend - Bar Beatdown
You ruined me. I didn't want to settle for less.
The Adjustment Bureau - You Ruined Me
Settle for less and keep a brave face on it.
T2 Trainspotting - Choose Life
"I'd love to settle down in the country sometime, Janine."
Hot Fuzz - Good Luck Nicholas
What a fool I am Can't seem to settle down
Rudderless - You're Quite Drunk