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Pronunciación en inglés de study

  • estudiar
  • estudio
  • despacho
  • cuarto de trabajo
  • examinar
  • investigar
  • cursar
  • escudriñar

Ejemplos de películas

Well, he's been a very great study partner.
Something Borrowed - Ask Me Out
Sometimes I get cranky when I know I have a big test to study for.
American Pie - One Time at Band Camp
Neil Peart, one of the great drummers of all time. Study up.
The School of Rock - Creating Musical Fusion
Honey, you don't have to study business
Krisha - Catch Up
Shouldn't we call someone at like Harvard or MIT and have them study her?
Life After Beth - It's a Resurrection!
having made Prehistory my study for several years.
Finding Altamira - Evidence
- In my study, please. - Very good, sir.
Mortdecai - Feel Me
Well, so I borrowed Mum's key and went into your study, and there it was.
Mr. Holmes - A Man Comes to Baker Street
The "me" that's at home in my study starting to smell a little funny.
ParaNorman - The Haunted Bathroom Stall