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beat kiejtés itt angol

  • üt
  • ütem
  • ütés
  • ritmus
  • dobogás
  • ver
  • dobog
  • összetör
  • legyőzött

Példák filmekből

'Cause a bully doesn't just beat you up.
City Slickers - I Hate Bullies
...so I could make the team and beat Cornwall.
She's the Man - I'm Viola
I got that beat.
Jaws - Scars
I got that beat.
Jaws - Scars
Her heart just skipped a beat.
Ray - Hummingbirds
you ain't got to beat around the bush with me.
Ray - Hummingbirds
Four kids beat me up one time and I went crying to my daddy.
Bad Santa - Santa's Fatherly Advice
- Why is that? - My man will beat you to it.
True Grit - I'm a Texas Ranger
Mindy beat me like morning wood every day for three weeks.
Kick-Ass 2 - We Should Be Partners
Don't beat yourself up too much about this stuff, all right?
Margin Call - A Bridge
I can beat that thing five times out of six.
Salt - You Are a Russian Spy
Everybody knows you could beat that kit senseless,
Bandslam - Putting the Band Together
There's only one way to beat him.
Sin City - An Old Man Dies
But, I guess somebody else beat me to it.
Exposed - Game Over, Playboy
I assure you I did not have to cheat to beat the likes of you two.
The Magnificent Seven - Farraday's Magic Trick
who beat a man half to death with a socket wrench.
Fast Five - You're Under Arrest
"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone." So, beat it.
Zootopia - Popsicle