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family kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből

My family was one of the most respected in Jerusalem.
Ben-Hur Official Trailer
My family, they deserve justice for what's happened to them.
Ben-Hur Official Trailer
so I'm treating the family to a vacation!
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
You know, there's an Asian family living next door
Ted - White Trash Names
and I sold the parsnip to a family with four small children.
Ted - White Trash Names
but... there's a Chinese family in our bathroom.
(500) Days of Summer - Playing House
Open every second Thursday of the month, noon to three. Bring the whole family.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
You know, we can keep it all in the family.
Next Friday - Auntie Suga
- You family. I love you. - I love you too, unc.
Next Friday - Auntie Suga
Perhaps we shouldn't talk too much about, uh, family.
Babe - Babe's New Beginning
She was a very very family-oriented girl.
Wedding Crashers - Lock It Up
And she was very into her grandmother. They're very family-oriented.
Wedding Crashers - Lock It Up
this may have caused him or his family.
Dave - The Whole Truth
Family that gave her up didn't even know she was pregnant.
Marley & Me - Clearance Puppy
Any family in the States, Tony? Any cousins, brother-in-law, anybody?
Scarface - Political Prisoner
Every family's got their own set of problems.
Brothers - Family Dinner
Every family has their own set of problems.
Brothers - Family Dinner
I got children, man. I got a family to protect.
Warrior - Forgiveness
So where's your family from originally?
Heat - Neil and Eady
You have a tight family. I can tell.
Heat - Neil and Eady
His family had just moved into the neighborhood and...
Flipped - Meeting Bryce Loski
Antonio, why don't you invite your girlfriend and her family
Despicable Me 2 - Margo In Love
Didn't want to get mixed up in the family business.
The Godfather - It's Strictly Business
Why am I the fucking problem? I'm his blood, I'm his family!
The Fighter - The Fighting Family
I want my family. What's wrong with that?
The Fighter - The Fighting Family
Ahmet believes we're family here at Atlantic.
Ray - A Better Deal