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money kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből az alábbi szóra Money

I'm just trying to give you your money's worth.
Groundhog Day - Happy in Love
It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
Casino - The Count Room
The place where they add up all the money,
Casino - The Count Room
They had so much fuckin' money in there
Casino - The Count Room
They're countin' money. Who wants to bother them?
Casino - The Count Room
Let's start counting this money, man, before y'all niggas start stashin' shit.
Belly - Tommy's Crib
- I can get you your money. - What did you say?
The Departed - I Erased You
What's this guy standin' in line for He ain't got money to eat
8 Mile - The Lunch Truck
- Take the money! Take the money! - What?
Falling Down - Consumer Rights
- What is that supposed to mean? - Money!
The Notebook - What Do You Want?
- What are you ta... - He's got a lot of money.
The Notebook - What Do You Want?
Okay, now, instead of giving them money...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
Unfortunately, money management's only gonna get us halfway to our goal.
Dave - Balancing the Budget
In order to get the rest of the money, we're gonna have to...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
I might as well keep the goddamn money in my pocket.
Ray - Stealing From Ray
Oh, they took my money and my briefcase. I said "My thesis..."
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
What kind of money you makin'?
Honey - Miss Thing
I was actually gonna try and make some real money tonight.
Rounders - Atlantic City Suckers
Well, I... I didn't have the money.
Stripes - Psycho and Ox
These are people who cannot afford to send money but do.
JFK - The Truth
instead of asking for permission to invest your own money
Hitch - Shock and Awe
But, Atlantic has done pretty good money-wise on my records.
Ray - A Better Deal

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Amerikai kiejtés

Money kiejtés alábbi módon Ivy (gyerek, lány)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Joanna (női)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Kendra (női)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Kimberly (női)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Salli (női)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Joey (hím )
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Justin (gyerek, fiú)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Matthew (hím )

Brit angol kiejtés

Money kiejtés alábbi módon Amy (női)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Emma (női)
Money kiejtés alábbi módon Brian (hím )