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nose kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből

Also known to have participated in the holdup are Flat Nose Curry and...
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Knife Fight
Okay, so we just forget about Logan taking over. Okay, Flat Nose?
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Knife Fight
Tickle, tickle. Be-boop, be-boop on the nose.
Scary Movie 2 - The Caretaker
- Its nose is dry. - That means something's wrong with it.
Ice Age - Where's the Baby?
with the yellow teeth and the long nose hair.
Soapdish - Script Changes
You have much more hair in your nose than my dad.
Uncle Buck - I'm Your Uncle Buck
Lighten your skin. Shrink up that nose.
Glory - Rawlins Confronts Trip
Pretend like you don't make me vomit in my nose every time I look at you?
What Happens in Vegas - Wedding Counseling
Aren't we wired to stick our nose in, you and I?
The Bourne Legacy - We're Done Talking
...a lady vain about her nose, is in my wheelhouse.
The Perfect Storm - A Swordboat Captain
Hello? Is that even really her nose?
Bewitched - Uncle Arthur
Of course it's her real nose.
Bewitched - Uncle Arthur
and please blow that nose of yours.
Sing - $100,000 Prize
I know they say I should always play comedy because of my nose.
Crooked House - Twisting My Words
- The cloud, it tickles my nose. - Hoo-hoo!
Puss in Boots - The Magic Beanstalk
She got Jason's nose all open, talking about she gonna take him to China.
Jumping the Broom - Strike One
Hold your nose! - You can't do this!
Flushed Away - Down The Toilet