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Példák filmekből

Of course I'm trying to seduce you for God's sake.
Bull Durham - Annie Seduces Nuke
Our bodies are built to pass a child, for Christ's sake.
Chasing Amy - The Virginity Standard
Sake of argument, somebody other than him?
Shooter - Mister Rate's Advice
Colonel, you're ex-Mafia, for Christ's sake.
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice Forever
He's an alien, for Christ's sake!
Mallrats - Superman's Baby
- Never could make me proud. - Oh, for Lord's sake.
Brothers - Give Me the Keys
I thought maybe for the sake of both our quests, that we could travel together.
Your Highness - The Fair Isabel
Oh, for fuck's sake! I give up!
Saw - It Was Tapp
The next time, she married for the sake of her daughters.
Cinderella - Well that is a mistake
you are not doing this for the sake of art,
Birdman - Relevant
Alejandro! For God's sake, why can't you leave me alone?
The Legend of Zorro - A Definite Maybe
Will you do that for me? Just for convenience sake. Please.
The Benefactor - Holding That Leash
And now Hanka Robotics serves it with milky sake.
Ghost in the Shell - Building Jump
You are above reducing yourself for the sake of rank.
Belle - Is It What You Want?
For argument's sake, if you can't find a firm that'll take you on, what's next?
Roman J. Israel, Esq. - Underwear Model, Esq.
That's a funny bit. - Just for the sake of the public that they wouldn't have
The Big Sick - You Can Go Now
Let's just say, for argument's sake,
Ocean's 8 - Framing the Ex