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How to Use To Be in English - Using Be in English Grammar Lesson Esercizi

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  • Phrase 1/20

    Donna and John areamis brother and sister

  • Phrase 2/20

    She isaream 10 years old

  • Phrase 3/20

    They amisare at school.

  • Phrase 4/20

    The table areisam brown

  • Phrase 5/20

    It amisare a tiger.

  • Phrase 6/20

    It isamare my school bag

  • Phrase 7/20

    My brother and I isamare good basketball players

  • Phrase 8/20

    The giraffes areamis tired.

  • Phrase 9/20

    William areisam a clever boy.

  • Phrase 10/20

    My dog and my cat amareis friends.

  • Phrase 11/20

    I areamis very happy today

  • Phrase 12/20

    Polly are notis notam not at home.

  • Phrase 13/20

    This bike are notam notis not a present

  • Phrase 14/20

    The boys am notis notare not in the park

  • Phrase 15/20

    Your isIs yourAre your cat hungry?

  • Phrase 16/20

    These areAre theseIs these cars fast?

  • Phrase 17/20

    These areAre theseIs these cookies tasty?

  • Phrase 18/20

    These AmIs theseAre these girls twins?

  • Phrase 19/20

    Is youYou areAre you tired?

  • Phrase 20/20

    Joanne and Chris areAre Joanne and ChrisAm Joanne and Chris friends?

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